Divorce: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Divorce: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Divorce is a troublesome yet sometimes necessary aspect of life, and it is only becoming more common with the passing of time. Although many of us have encountered this experience or stories of this event, there is still much that remains unknown about it. To fill we in on everything you need to know about this particular legal act, we have composed a helpful list just for you! Be sure to check back soon for our part two article, bringing you the top eight things that you didn’t know about divorce!

Number Fifteen: Ladies and Divorce

In terms of women, it is much more possible for a person to experience a divorce of her own if her parents have been divorced. In addition, the event becomes more likely for women who have won an Oscar Award.

Number Fourteen: You Don’t Just ‘Win’ Your Case

When taking the action to court, there is really no winner or loser in this case. Most people enter the situation aiming to “win” their divorce case, but really it is just a legally-guided separation of assets and custody. It usually ends up pretty even, with both parties gaining wins and making sacrifices.

Number Thirteen: Think Over the Consequences

After a divorce, it is incredibly possible to let your emotions get the best of you and make hasty decisions just to get it over with, or out of anger. Keep the consequences in mind, and make sure you are making the best financial decision when you decide to sell your whole home just to split the asset.

Number Twelve: Keep the Kids in Mind

Going through a divorce is hard on everybody, but it is important to not make it any harder than it already is on your kids. Your anger with your former spouse may get the best of you, but allowing yourselves to blow up in the presence of your children can scar them for life. In addition, you should never encourage the discontinuation of a healthy, parental relationship of your kids with their rightful parent. Unless a serious issue has arisen, it is important for them to see both of you as equal parent figures.

Number Eleven: Don’t Rely on Advice

After a new divorce, friends often try to offer up advice about their particular experiences and try to guide you through how the case should go. No matter what they might tell you, it is important to keep in mind that every situation and case is different, and their advice may not be the best to follow in your scenario.

Number Ten: Try Not to Take It to Court

Divorcing spouses often use taking a case to court as an angry threat, but you both should keep in mind the repercussions of involving the help of a legal party. Going to court can cost thousands of dollars, and actually, it can also deplete all of the assets you were trying to win.

Number Nine: There Are Alternatives

Despite the rumors of inevitable court conclusions, there are plenty of alternatives to taking your case to court. You can hire and unbiased mediator to help settle negotiations, or just try and work it out between yourselves. Be sure to check back soon for our part two article, bringing you the top eight things that you didn’t know about divorce!

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