DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Big Sean: 'How Many Times' Single Review

DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Big Sean: ‘How Many Times’ Single Review

DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Big Sean: 'How Many Times' Single Review

DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Big Sean promise women, “I’ll f— you right, have you walkin’ from side to side,” inside club anthem single, “How Many Times.” This hood juice squeezes freshly from Khaled’s often-delayed eighth album, I Changed Alot. Also on the track list is the song“They Don’t Love You No More,” featuring Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross and French Montana.

At inception, Wayne takes charge of the first verse, providing visual, lyrical commentary, focused in full brightness, which serves the record an impudent, first round. As a matter of fact, Wayne’s verse, provides sarcastic galore; “If I can’t get naked with ya / This d— deserves recognition / I don’t mind payin’ that commission,” and “If we ain’t fu–ing then b—h, bon voyage / How many times? / I said how many times? / Too many times and b—- I ain’t got time.” Sean is cunning like a fox, pouncing to impress. Seans’s most notable moment, “She f–k me like she want the rent paid / Like she want that Oscar De La Renta.” Breezy is utterly dexterous, “Got xans when I turn up, it’s a party, bust it open / Pop that p—- in a circle, go retarded, pop it for me.” Truly, Brown presents the most lively effectiveness,  thoroughly stimulating the records’ promise on the charts.

In general, the production rightfully roots its composition into the modern trend. Inevitably, a standard moody 808 beat rides the rhythm enabling its awareness, almost instantly. For this reason, producers Anthony Lee, Bkorn, and Oz structure is tedious, at best, leaving traces of similarities to 2014 song “Only,” from artist Nicki Minaj likewise featuring Brown and Wayne. Nevertheless, the second single, “Hold You Down,” includes a contribution from the producer, Bkorn, again. Nonetheless, the functional urban whip appeals sure closes in to hit number one on urban radio. The immediate hook, catches favor, “You know he ain’t it, girl you’re wasting your time / You’ll only ditch him for a moment in time, take it in stride / How many times I gotta tell that ass to come over?”

As a third single, it is about time for an album release at this point, promotion towards this project has taken place for over a year now. Nevertheless, another enthusiastic song to add to his continued resume and that in itself is something to be proud of as an artist. The formula of featuring artists works for Khaled so expect no changes to the recipe for his success. In like manner, his niche of collaborating with the hottest artists of the moment is a lucky charm. Not to mention, Khaled has worked with Brown(3) times, Wayne(7), and Big Sean (3) times. Above all, production from the triangle team, as expected, is up-to-date, for primetime spins at the radio stations. Wayne topples in ready to end the evening with not interested in wasting time on the stingy women, Sean plays a clever chess game of words, and Breezy punches an uppercut on both of the rappers. “How Many Times” is a hit record because of the heavyweight artists on the prowl searching for the fastest thrill making the tune perfect for summer and the flings that exist. Moreover, includes an instantly famous hook-filled to the rims with explicit insanity encouraging an atmosphere of a grand time for the weekends.


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