DJ Premier Announces Tour Dates in Europe

DJ Premier Announces Tour Dates in Europe

DJ Premier just revealed the dates for his upcoming tour in Europe. The iconic producer will be bring along his newly formed band, and they will play 15 shows across Europe this fall. “When we put the band together, the key to any any relationship is that you vibe together in a way that you can make magic happen,” DJ Premiere said in a statement. His band consists of Brady Watts (bass), Lenny “The Ox” Reece (drums), Mark Williams (trombone and keyboard), and Takuya Kuroda (trombone and keyboard); obviously, Premiere will be on the turntables. Premier and his live band are fresh off of their tour of Japan, performing two shows a day on the national run. “Put us against anybody, we’re a problem. I have fun doing a whole bunch of different styles with the band because they fall into place so well with everything that we’ve brought into the picture, no matter what it is,” the legendary DJ said.

The tour dates for the upcoming tour in September include Leipzig (Germany) at Taeubchenthal on the 2nd; Paris (France) at Jazz A La Villette on the 4th; Reggio Emilia (Italy) at Italy Festa Reggio on the 5th; Munich (Germany) at Muffathalle on the 6th; Stockholm (Sweden) at Debaser Medis on the 8th; Helsinki (Finland) at Nosturi on the 10th; Zurich (Switzerland) at Stall 6 on the 11th; London (United Kingdom) at Forum on the 12th; Amsterdam (Netherlands) at Paradise on the 13th; Warsaw (Poland) at Promixa on the 15th; Vienna Grelle (Austria) at Forelle on the 16th; Berlin (Germany) at Neue Heimat on the 17th; Muenster (Germany) at Skater’s Palace on the 18th; and Mannheim (Germany) at Alte Feuerwache on the 19th.

DJ Premier made up one half of the duo Gang Starr, which also included rapper Guru. The hip-hop duo released six studio albums including No More Mr. Nice Guy, Step In the Arena, Daily Operation, Hard to Earn, Moment Of Truth, and The Ownerz. In 2010, Guru lost his battle with cancer and died at the age of 48. As a tribute to Guru, Premier dropped a mix that honored one of hip-hop music’s most prominent figures.

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