DNCE: 15 Facts You Might Not Know (Part 2)

DNCE: 15 Facts You Might Not Know (Part 2)

DNCE: 15 Facts You Might Not Know (Part 2)


Recently, we brought you part one of our list of 15 facts about DNCE. Now, we bring you part two, with eight more facts about the new funk-rock band from Jonas Brother Joe Jonas, who, along with Cole Whittle, Jinjoo Law and Jack Lawless, have been making a strong impact early on with their well-received debut EP, Swaay, and platinum-selling single, “Cake by the Ocean.”

Number Eight: DNCE Is Participating in WE Day 2016

In March 2016, it was announced that DNCE would be participating in the 2016 WE Day celebration. They join Rita Ora, Darrin Criss and Nico & Vinz, among others for the event, which honors students from around the world for the work they do for local and global charities.

Number Seven: They Played a Handful of Secret Shows

While working on songs in their rehearsal spaces in New York and Los Angeles, DNCE allowed fans to come watch and interact. Joe Jonas said that they wanted to “do something different” and ended up playing nearly six or seven shows a night. Jonas called the experience “wacky and crazy.”

Number Six: Joe Jonas Prefers Working in a Band to Being Solo

Jonas has said that he feels most comfortable in a band setting. He likes sharing the on-stage energy with bandmates who enjoy what they are doing as much as he does.

Number Five: DNCE’s Music Is Not for Jonas Brothers Fans

Not necessarily, at least. The content of the songs is much different, leaning more towards sex and relationships than the Jonas Brothers’ brand of clean, inoffensive pop. Jonas sees these as two very separate bands, and to that effect, does not expect anything from his Jonas Brothers following.

Number Four: Cole Whittle’s Style Is All About Aesthetic

While fashion is a big part of DNCE’s stage presence, as all of them like to harken back to an 80s type of style, it is especially important to Whittle. Known for strange onstage ensembles, he told Rolling Stone that he wants people to look at him and be less self-conscious about what they are wearing or what they are doing.

Number Three: Their Name Is All About Being ‘Imperfect’

DNCE has cited a few reasons for their name, but both of them come from a place of being aware of one’s imperfections. The first meaning is a joking way of saying that you’re too drunk to spell the word “dance” correctly. The second refers to the word being incomplete and imperfect, just like life is imperfect. JinJoo Lee has extended this by saying that one does not need to be a good dancer to dance and have fun.

Number Two: The iHeartRadio Music Festival Is Special to Them

Joe Jonas’ Jonas Brothers fame has gotten DNCE major attention early on in the band’s career. For example, even though they played small “secret shows” in their rehearsal space, the band’s big debut came during the second day of the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival. Also on the bill…Nick Jonas.

Number One: They Are Currently Working on a Full-Length Album

While DNCE just recently put out an EP, they are already working on getting a full-length album put together. They already have some of the new music, some of which they debuted during their Greatest Tour Ever tour. Right now, they are tentatively looking for a release date sometime in early to mid-2016. Thank you for reading our list of 15 facts about DNCE. We hope you enjoyed it!

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