Dobré - United (Official Music Video)

Dobré – United

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From Germany comes a refreshing indie/pop band, Dobré, and their easy listening music video for “United.” The protagonist is introduced in the beginning, sitting on a wooden chair. With slow motion effects throughout the video, a woman wearing a floral dress runs through the city, subway, woods and other distinct places; she has a mission, which we hope to find out in the end. The layering of simple guitar chords and soft piano portrays the song’s lyrical sense of nostalgia and fear of losing. The lyrics, “what will I do / when I’m without you / they just don’t make good friends like you anymore,” exemplify the feeling of looking to the future and feeling as if the present has already passed. “We’re united when we’re divided / we won’t close the door” could express that through the times they have shared, they are still connected no matter where they are or what will happen. While the lyrics gravitate towards wax poetic, the music builds from a very slow crescendo, leaving you to linger on what could be perceived as the resolution of the story. 

Music video for “United” from the album United (Millaphon/Broken Silence) by Dobré
Idea and production by Simon Wahlers and Urs Mader / Mit freundlicher Gestaltung
Actor Laura Zalenga

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