Doctor Dread (with Bob Dylan) - I For An Eye (Official Music Video)

Doctor Dread (with Bob Dylan) – I For An Eye

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Discover an ethereal universe full of electro-magnetic fields alongside Doctor Dread (with Bob Dylan) in this eccentric and adventurous music video for “I For An Eye.” Let the video and music take you to a different era as you encounter the use of the RCA Theremin – the first manufactured electronic instrument recorded in history, and the foundation for all electronic music to date. Each orb producing electricity portrays the playing of the theremin without even touching it. Gary Himelfarb, aka Doctor Dread, pays tribute to the phenomenal instrument, as it changed the entire world of electronic music. Magic or not, the act of simply moving one’s hand over the instrument creates and controls the tune. Doctor Dread is the founder of RAS Records and through that, he has been helping roots reggae artists with their own work and sharing it around the world. The music is mesmerizing and the music video is trippy. Enjoy this classic dub track as it will send positive vibes throughout your body.

Producer and Director – Dick Bangham 


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