Dode - Soldat II (Official Music Video)

Dode – Soldat II

From the creator of Radiohead’s music video for “Weird Fishes,” infamous stop-motion director and puppet extraordinaire Tobias Stretch works with actors this time to create this whimsical art-video for French folk and rock band Dode’s “Soldat II.” The band Dode, consisting of members Eric Dodeman, Eric Poitras, Steven Yon, Claire Poirier, and Xavier Landry, do not seem to make an appearance in this mostly black and white video; however, a gorgeous winged female creature does.

As the song is titled “Soldier II” in the English translation, the video revolves around a solider, a little boy, and the female fairy creature draped in a Toby Stretch-styled wing suit that makes her otherworldly. The little boy, the soldier, and the fairy creature have a very curious relationship. Stretch most certainly does a great job of capturing the feeling of Dode’s acoustic, melancholic tune; transforming it into a visual masterpiece that you won’t want to end. 

Video by Tobias Stretch:

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