Dof Lafa - Heroin (Dof Láfá - Heroiná) (Official Music Video)

Dof Lafa – Heroin (Dof Láfá – Heroiná)

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From Brazil comes the dynamic rock band, Dof Láfá, with their music video “Heroin (Heroiná).” The video begins with a beautiful woman lying in bed with the shades closed, giving everything a dark aura. She is somewhat mysterious, and the camera cuts to short clips of her and the band. The Portuguese band is playing in a plain white room with the sun shining in through a small window behind them. There is smoke coming from different directions as they perform. The lonely woman walks from one room to another. She freshens up, changing into different clothes and putting on makeup. Suddenly, she is looking at Polaroids of herself. Taking a pair scissors, she cuts away corners of each photo. The entire mess of Polaroids and cigarette butts falls onto the carpeted floor as the track slowly fades out, leaving the beautiful woman in front of the camera with a sinister look on her face.

Composition – Dof Lafá – Antônio Oiticica, Luiz Mota, Matheus Azevedo, Hugo Alves
Music Video directed by Duda Bertho

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