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Dog Couldn’t Stop Shaking After Dropped Off At Shelter

Dog Couldn’t Stop Shaking After Dropped Off At Shelter

Sometimes keeping an animal in your home, becomes a pretty expensive and time-consuming job. Maybe this is isn’t for anyone but once someones realizes that he can’t keep her pet he must contact the respective organizations and rescue teams instead of throwing poor dogs and cats in the streets. Thankfully for Neno, a mixed breed dog his owner dropped him of to a sanctuary but the poor dog was devastated and literally shaking from fear and anxiety! Read further to see how some small actions can save a dog’s life! #12 #18 will have you in tears.

20. Neno The Dog

Our story begins with Neno a mixed breed dog whose owner couldn’t afford to take care of him. His owner had some economic problems and taking care of Neno was becoming harder and harder…

19. Neno’s Owner Decision

One day he decided that he couldn’t properly take care of him anymore. Instead of throwing him in the street the man decided to surrender Neno to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control. Neno’s reaction will bring you to tears.

18. He was devastated

Neno was extremenly scared and really anxious to the point that the whole sweet dog was literally shaking. And he couldn’t help it…

17. Silver Linings

One of the workers of the shelter, Paige King bonded from the very first moment with Neno, she was heartbroken… She decided that she had to do something for him!

16. Heartbroken

5“He was terrified,” Paige told later. “He was sitting still in the middle of the kennel with his legs tucked so tight. He would turn his head sideways to avoid looking at me.”

15. Paige Took Action

Paige realized that she had to really do something about Neno. Without a second thought she grabbed her phone and filmed the sad dog with the intention to publish the video online on several social media. She thought that someone could be moved by the video. And she was right!

14. Video Went Viral

Paige woke up the next day to see that the video has hit 250,000 views on instagram and her hopes went up! It was a matter of time for Neno’s video to cautch the attention of his guardian angel.

13. Guardian Angel Found

And it did! The video caught the attention of Laura Rodgers who jumped in her car in the next morning for an one hour drive to meet Neno!

12. Laura Rodgers

“The moment I saw his video, I cried,” Laura said. “I could not get him out of my mind. That video moved me that much.”

11. Arriving At The Shelter

Laura arrived to the shelter to hear some news that will make her really anxious. She really wanted to have Neno and two other people were already there but they decided that Neno wasn’t a good fit for them.

10. He Was The One

Once Laura got to meet Neno at last she was sure that this was the dog for her and she was the owner for him! She decided to adopt him without a second thought even though the shelter workers told her that he was facing some serious health issues.

9. What Laura Had To Say

“He’s the kind of dog who fits in my wheelhouse,” Laura said. “A dog that needs love, time and attention. I could see why other people passed, but for me, Neno was a perfect fit.”

8. Finally Home

Laura brought Neno to her home and rushed to schedule a vet appointment
for him. Laura was really anxious about the vet visit and she was prepared for the worst.

7. The Vet

Unfortunatelly at the vet they discovered that Neno was anemic because of a past infection he had. They also found a heartworm and that his thyroid wasn’t working properly. The vet rushed to calm Laura telling her that everything was treatable and she didn’t have to worry.

6. She Was Excited

Laura was overly excited to have Neno to her home. She started taking care of some pressures sores on his body and feeding him properly as well as taking the time to get him some valuable exercise in the park.

5. Neno Adapted

Neno seemed to adapt pretty quickly and get really comfortable with Laura. He absolutely was loving his new home and was really thankful to Laura. After all it realized that she literally saved his life!

4. New Friends

Neno wasn’t the only dog Laura Rodgers had rescued. Laura introduced Neno to her other dogs and they immediatelly became best friends. She felt really comfortable letting them all play together from the first moment.

3. Second Video

Remember the video that went viral about Neno? Well the people involved really wanted to know about Neno and pressured Laura to upload a new one for them to see if he was okay.
Laura did something else, she created Neno’s very own Instagram Page!

2. People Following On Neno

“I know a lot of people were very worried about him, and I wanted them to know he is OK,” Laura said on the page. “I am sure many were like me, so haunted by the video. I see hundreds of dog videos a day. For some reason his really hit me hard. He is a special boy.”

1. Page Blown Up

Laura didn’t expect that the page will blow up like this. It seems that were really moved by the first video and Neno now, having his own page to keep people updated was a bliss! “I had no idea it would blow up like it did,” Paige said. “I hoped I’d get five shares, it was crazy. He looked so sad and now he is such a lucky dog.”

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