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Dog Dyed Scarlet Is Rescued By Animal Shelter From Man Who Bought Her Because “He Liked Her Color”

Dog Dyed Scarlet Is Rescued By Animal Shelter From Man Who Bought Her Because “He Liked Her Color”

When you own a pet, most of the time, you want to provide it with the best things that you can. You don’t hesitate to buy it good quality food and you make sure that your pet is healthy and happy. However, many people are dying their pets in order to change the color of their fur, without realizing how dangerous this is for the poor pets . This was also the case for a beautiful pup that was dyed bright red…Make sure not to miss seeing her true color in slide #7!

20. Colorful Pets

Unfortunately it seems that, many people would really like to make their pets colorful, because they think that it would look so cute on them. Who doesn’t want to have a pink dog? However, you should take into consideration that although it might look good, it’s also harmful to your beloved pet. Do you want to know what happened to a dog that someone paint it red? Click next!


19. Activists Got A Call

One day, some activists were informed that there was a dog dyed bright red. They found the poor animal at a refugee camp with his owner in Shcimatari, Greece. It reminded them of a kid’s show that stared a big red dog named Clifford. They immediately realized that they had to do something for this.

18.The Red Puppy

This adorable pup was bought for a large sum of money by his owner from Greece and more specifically he bought the dog from some sellers in Omonia square in Athens, Dogs are usually imported and sold illegally in this way. Do you want to know what happened after the activists held the poor sould for the first time? Click next!


17. He Liked The Colour

The man that lived in a refugee camp in the town of Schimatari, claimed that he bought the poor dog due to the fact that he liked the color of her fur. He thought that it looked funny and unique. Little did he know what this was doing to the poor pup…

16. Rescued Immediately

The man bought her from the sellers in Omonia for 150 euros (£135) without realizing how harmful the paint could be for the dog. Because the activists were afraid that the dog had maybe developed some respiratory problems  due to the paint they demanded to take the pup with them.

15. Scarlet!

The activists took away the adorable dog, which was really friendly and playful and they nicknamed her “Scarlet”. After that, they took her to the vet in order to see if the paint had caused any damage to her skin and fur.

14. Examination Time

After some examination, vets confirmed that the paint that had been used to dye Scarlet red, it was hair dye. Thankfully, they also said that the hair dye hadn’t have caused any harm to her fur and it would be removed fairly easily.


13. Scarlet Was Lucky


Scarlet was really lucky that the hair dye hadn’t affect her skin or her fur as hair dies are toxic for animals and they should never be used on them. It seemed like that she would be okay with a some good baths. But this isn’t always the case for this kind of situations…


12. Others Are Unlucky

Many pups aren’t as lucky as Scarlet was. For instance, this little dog was dyed purple and it almost cost his life. Due to the dye, the poor dog had burns on most of his skin and he almost lost his eye. So dying your pet’s fur is really dangerous.


11. Bath Time

After the vet, the activists took Scarlet for a bath in order to clean her fur from the hair dye. This was the first one of the many that would follow, but Scarlet knew that this was for her own good. She was enjoying her bath and she seemed to be really happy.

10. All Cleaned Up

After the bath, a big amount of the hair dye had come off. However, Scarlet would need many more baths in order to regain the color that her fur was before the hair dye.

9. Recovering

The activists took her to a shelter where they would continue the baths and keep on taking care of that sweet little girl. It was this time that the team realized that it was time to put Scarlet up for adoption.

8. Best Friends

After many baths the hair dye started to fade out and Scarlet’s fur was looking a lot better. She also made a new friend. She really loved her teddy bear and the two of them were always together.

7. Her True Color

Slowly, Scarlet regains her real color, which is a lovely white. Her new family loves her and takes good care of her. Scarlet is now a happy dog, living a good life.

6. Just Loved

Her new family loves Scarlet unconditionally and she doesn’t have to be “special” or “unique” for them as her previous owner thought so. She was just loved.

5. Went Viral

Maria Vazoura, the volunteer that found the pup decided to make the story public through social media. She posted many photos of the dyed pup and demanded the story to reach the local news.

4. People Responded

Soon the whole local community knew about Scarlet and her story. It was starting to be crystal clear that this kind of behavior towards animals wouldn’t be tolerated again.

3. It Took Her Time

As it seems, it took time for Scarlet to regain her true color but fortunately her story had a happy ending. She is now adapting into her new home and she seems to be really energetic and happy!

2. Scarlet Was Thankful

Scarlet, being a good girl as always, seemed to really appreciate and trying to thank her new mom, as well as her rescuers who visited every now and then. It was as if she knew.


1. Wish Her The Best

tilestwra.grScarlet fortunately was rescued and she’s now quite a happy dog. We wish the best for her and as people say in Greece: “Καλ’οτυχη” (=With good luck)

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