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Dog Gets The Ultimate Christmas Wish Granted When He Is Saved From Death Row

Dog Gets The Ultimate Christmas Wish Granted When He Is Saved From Death Row

Not every dog has a happy beginning to life, especially if they wind up at the pound. This one pooch was set on death row at the local kill shelter. Things weren’t looking so great for him until one day, his Christmas wish came true! You won’t believe his reaction when he found out he was being adopted into his new forever home.

20. Kill Shelter

Image: Anderson Animal Shelter

For those of you that may not know, there are two different kinds of animal shelters. There are kill and no-kill shelters. So what’s the difference? Well, there’s a huge one.

19. The Difference

Image: The Kansas City Star

At a kill shelter, animals are typically kept in the shelter until the area runs out of room or until a certain allotted amount of time passes. The animal is then euthanized. At a no-kill shelter, animals are kept indefinitely and are only ever euthanized for health reasons.

18. The Numbers

Image: The Independent

There are currently tons of stray cats and dogs that are looking for a home. Many of them wind up at shelters and not all of them are no-kill ones. So what do the numbers look like?

17. Not Enough Homes

Image: Longreads

According to, “Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes.” This is a pretty staggering number to look at and it really hits home just how many stray animals there are out there.

16. Estimates

Image: Nellis Air Force Base

“It’s impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States. Estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million,” it states on’s website. Out of all of these animals, only 10% are typically neutered, allowing the animals to keep reproducing.

15. One Dog


For one dog, life at the shelter had been his reality since he was a young pup. He wasn’t lucky enough to have made it to a no-kill shelter and so he awaited his doom as he waited on the death row list…

14. Benny


Meet Benny, a tiny dog that had been staying at the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California since November. The young pup was only eight-months-old and had already wound up at the shelter. So what was going to happen to him?

13. Waiting


Like all the other dogs at the shelter, Benny had to wait. But what was he waiting for? Well, Benny had two options available to him: get adopted or be euthanized…

12. Months


Months had gone by and still Benny was no closer to being adopted. The shelter had no choice but to list him onto death row. Benny was not happy about this and he continued to sit and wait until a miracle happened.

11. A Visit


On Christmas Day, a family decided to visit the shelter in search of a dog. As the walked up and down past the cages, they saw one dog that immediately caught their eye. That dog was Benny!

10. A Miracle


The family looked over at Benny and knew he was the one immediately. Benny, of course, was friendly as usual but he still had no idea what was happening. Benny didn’t know that he was going to be adopted!

9. Worried


When the shelter staff walked over to Benny’s cage to unlock it, he immediately grew worried. He thought that it was finally the end for him. That was when he was completely caught by surprise. 

8. Leashed


The shelter staff quickly leashed Benny and began to walk him out. At that moment Benny began to sprint on out of there. He was way too excited to be out of his cage and out and about!

7. New Family


Benny was then introduced to his new family. The adorable pooch was all smiles from ear to ear. He couldn’t believe that this day had finally come and that he no longer had to worry about being put to sleep.

6. Leaping


In the video, you can see Benny absolutely leaping with excitement. There is practically no controlling him at this point. He can’t believe what is happening…

5. Running Around


Eventually, Benny is given time to walk and run around the parking lot before being put in his new owner’s car. His excitement is just bubbling over. He is truly happy to have been adopted.

4. Video Footage


The video footage of Benny being adopted made it onto the shelter’s Facebook page. There, everyone in the comments section started to go wild over how adorable and happy Benny looked. People left some of the most uplifting comments.



One user, upon watching the video, wrote: “A picture of pure joy!! I love all of you who try to help animals who need homes. Wish I could help more.” Still, there were even more happy comments!

2. Happy Dog


This is one happy & lucky pup! Best wishes for a happy long wonderful life Benny! I wish every dog in a shelter could walk out those doors!” another user wrote. Everyone is thrilled at Benny’s new start at life.

1. Happy New Life


Benny now gets to have a brand new start at life without the weight of being on death row over his head. It is amazing that this one young pup had the ultimate Christmas miracle wish come true!

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