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Dog Kisses Firefighter That Saved It From A Tragic Ending

Dog Kisses Firefighter That Saved It From A Tragic Ending

Dogs are some of the sweetest and most loving animals. So when this pup got stuck on top of a roof, firefighters didn’t hesitate to go rescue him. The pup was so grateful that he thanked the firefighter in the most heartwarming way.

21. Husky


A Husky living in Maine was hanging out inside of his home when curiosity got the best of him. With his adventurous nature, the pup got himself stuck in the craziest situation!

20. Curious Nature

Image: Facebook/Wells Maine Police

The pup was in the upstairs portion of the house when he decided that he would climb out the window and onto the roof. The Husky quickly realized that he had gotten himself into a sticky situation but he had no idea how to get back down. Thankfully, someone saw him…

19. Neighbors

Image: Facebook/Wells Maine Police

Neighbors that were walking around spotted the animal and realized that something wasn’t right. They saw the dog pacing around on the roof and were instantly concerned. They quickly decided to call 911! When the firefighters came, the pooch reacted in the most surprising way!

18. Firefighters

Image: Bangor Daily News

Firefighters were alerted of the situation and headed over to the house immediately. They knew time was of the essence in a situation like this one…

17. Watchful Eye


The neighbors, on the other hand, decided to stay by the house. They decided to keep an eye on the dog in order to make sure he wouldn’t try jumping down. Finally, the firefighters showed up! The most incredible thing happened when the dog realized he is being rescued…

16. Ladder

Image: Metro

The firefighters quickly pulled out a ladder to reach the pooch. One of the firefighters then climbed up and reached the trapped Husky. The pooch looked incredibly happy to see his rescuer. And then…

15. Can’t Stop Moving!


While the man was trying to do his job and open the window so that he could get the dog inside, the loving pooch couldn’t stop wagging his tail. What he did next surprised everyone and made the firefighter’s day 100 times better… The next photo is adorable!

14. Affectionate

Image: Facebook/Wells Maine Police

The Husky was so appreciative that he decided to reward his rescuer with a ton of kisses. The firefighter was thrilled to be on the receiving end of this Husky’s affections! But right when he though the pooch calmed down…

13. Helping Out

Image: Facebook/Wells Maine Police

Captain Nawfel climbed up on the roof and helped the dog get back in through the window. However, the Husky made sure to shower him with kisses before he got back inside.

12. Pacing

Image: Facebook/Wells Maine Police

The dog was pacing back and forth on the overhang over the porch,” Captain Jeff Nawfel, of the Wells Maine Fire Department, told “It didn’t look very distressed.”

11. First Time

Image: Facebook/Wells Main Police

Captain Nawfel said that this was the first time he was ever showered with kisses after rescuing someone. “This was a first in my career,” Nawfel said. The story went viral after the next photo was posted on social media…

10. Thank You


Thank you kisses to Captain Nawfel! It’s pawsatively love! Is there anything more stunning than an animal expressing gratitude?!” the Wells Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Thank you to all that called and helped save him,” the department added.

9. Grateful

Image: Fiveprime

This Husky isn’t the first dog to show his appreciation in a sweet way! A little beagle who was rescued from being euthanized shows his owner his appreciation in one of the sweetest ways ever…

8. Beagle

Image: The Dodo

Gregory the beagle was rescued by Schenley Hutson Kirk when she saw him on the euthanasia list at Franklin County Shelter and Adoption Center in Ohio. The dog was in perfect health except for one issue: his heartworm test came up positive.

7. Rescue Only

Image: The Dodo

Despite his condition, Gregory was filled with energy and happiness for life. However, due to his issue he was listed as a rescue only dog. If the dog was taken from the shelter by May 3rd, he would be euthanized.

6. Saving Him

Image: The Dodo

Kirk and her husband happen to be the founders of Hound Rescue and Sanctuary. They decided to drop by the shelter and save little Gregory from a horrible fate. They had no idea just how thankful he would be!

5. Shelter

Image: The Dodo

My husband took the day off work to drive to the shelter, while I stayed home to take care of the other rescue dogs,” Kirk told The Dodo. The duo then proceeded to take a bunch of photos in the car and Kirk’s husband captured a very sweet moment of thanks.

4. No Complaints

Image: The Dodo

On the way back home, he decided he was going to take a couple selfies of our new rescue, which I got after him a little bit for since he’s not supposed to take pictures while driving — but considering the photos he captured I couldn’t complain too much.”

3. Affectionate

Image: The Dodo

Gregory laying his head against Joe with gratitude in his eyes is too sweet for words. Especially considering Gregory had only just met Joe for the first time. It was a heartwarming moment for them all.

2. Three Photos

Image: The Dodo

[Joe] sent me three photos, and in the last one, little Gregory had leaned his head over, as if to say, ‘You saved my life. I knew I was going to die at that shelter, but you saved me today,’” Kirk said. “And just the look in his eyes — the thankfulness, the appreciation and the love of this little dog — it’s as if he knows his life has been saved.”

1. Happy

Image: Today Show

Gregory is now happy at the Kirk’s home and recuperating from his treatments. “He is an absolute doll,” Kirk said. “He’s loving, affectionate, he loves to give kisses. Very well-behaved in the home.”

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