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Dog Rescues A Litter of Kitten, Now They Think He’s Their Dad

Dog Rescues A Litter of Kitten, Now They Think He’s Their Dad

Animals can show love in some of the most unexpected ways. When this air pilot found a litter of abandoned kittens outside of her home, she knew she had to take them in. However, she never expected how helpful her dog would be in a situation like this!

20. Huge Discovery


Around three weeks ago, Victoria, a commercial pilot, was getting ready to head out to work. She was going outside with her dog, Turbo, when she was greeted by something entirely unexpected!

19. Tiny Sound

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As she walked out the door she heard a very faint sound. She couldn’t figure out what it was at first, but then she realized it was the sound of a cat. That’s when she turned and saw where the ‘meows’ were coming from.

18. Kitten


It was then when Victoria saw a tiny baby kitten right in front of her home. She was so shocked to see it and instantly picked it up. However, she continued to hear more meows coming from somewhere else…

17. The Bushes

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The meowing continued and it was persistent. That’s when Victoria and her dog Turbo went to look around the property. There, in the bushes, Victoria and Turbo found two more kittens. What happens next is incredible!

16. Rainy Day

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It was a rainy day in Maryland and the kittens were absolutely soaked. They were cold and wet, so Victoria brought them inside immediately. She knew they needed help immediately and quickly jumped into action!

15. Getting Help


Victoria knew the kittens were in need of medical attention, so she dropped her plans for the day to take them to the vet. “I quickly took them to the vet and then set them up in my bathroom to care for them,” Victoria told Love Meow.

The tiny kittens were finally receiving the love they deserved. But they will soon meet another adoptive parent and we can barely handle all the cuteness!

14. Doggy Senses


Turbo, in the meantime, could sense that the kittens were in need of help. So he decided that he would chip in and offer a helping paw. So how did the kittens react to this?

13. Thankful


The kittens immediately fell in love with Turbo. According to Victoria, the pooch actually happens to be a therapy dog so he knows how to handle high-stress situations like this one. The relationship grew stronger by the day and soon they became inseparable. The following photos will warm your heart!

12. Staying Close


Turbo was completely in love as well and wanted to stay close to the kittens at all times. However, Victoria would still keep an eye over their interactions as Turbo is a pretty big dog. Do you think that he harmed the kittens in any way? You’ll be amazed to find out…

11. Father Figure


Soon enough, with all of the constant interaction, Turbo became a father figure to the tiny kittens and he was extremely gentle and careful when touching them. Turbo will often be, “Providing some morning fatherly advice,” according to Victoria. If you think this photo is adorable, then you need to see the next one!

10. Adorable


The kittens absolutely adore their father and will snuggle up with him all the time! “They love him and think he’s their dad and always run towards him when he comes in and rub up on him,” Victoria says.

9. Therapy Dog


Turbo is a therapy dog and we visited people with Down syndrome recently, and he knew to be extra gentle and calm with them, too. His personality is happy go lucky and loves to be with people but very calm when the situation calls for it,” Victoria added.

8. Cuddle Time


For the most part, you can often catch Turbo and the kittens cuddling with each other. They love being around their dad and will snuggle him nonstop. Victoria loves seeing them all together and hugging.

7. Getting Bigger


The kittens have been getting bigger and soon they will be old enough to be adopted into their forever homes. In the meantime, Turbo and Victoria have been doing a great job taking care of them. Victoria has even begun sharing photos of the kittens and Turbo on her social media account!

6. Social Media


Since she is a commercial pilot, Victoria loves uploading photos and videos of her flights on her Instagram account Recently, however, the flying photos have been replaced by adorable photos of the gang and their dad.

5. Interrupted

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Your regular aviation posts have been interrupted by cute kitties,” Victoria wrote on her Instagram account. No one on the account has minded at all. In fact, everyone loves seeing updates on the kittens.

4. Naming Them

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Victoria has even named the kittens as well. “Meet Dusty, Lucky, and Ned. They’ll need new homes soon. ♥ (bonus points for who can guess the movie).” We’re sure these three amigos are a wonderful trio.

3. Missing Them


Even though Victoria will definitely be missing these three, she knows that they’ll be better off in homes that can give them the attention they need. Victoria always thought she was such a dog person until she got the opportunity to care for these adorable babies.

2. Looking Forward

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With how adorable and sweet these kittens are, it shouldn’t hard for them to find some amazing forever homes. “I’m looking forward for their next lovely story,” Victoria writes.

1. Sweet Relationship


Image: Dog N’ Meows

For now, the kittens are enjoying their sweet relationship with their father figure, Turbo. Turbo has helped the kittens grow big and confident and Victoria is so happy that she discovered the kittens when she did.

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