Doja Cat: 'No Police' Single Review

Doja Cat: ‘No Police’ Single Review

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If you aren’t a person that spends most of your time scrolling through Tumblr feeds and Soundcloud profiles to discover new music than interesting artists like Doja Cat may be under your radar. Doja Cat is a California native with a sound and vibe that reflects the dreamy backdrop of the L.A. scene. Currently at the age of 18 Doja has already dropped her first EP called Purrr! and released a music video for her single “So High” last year which currently has over a million views on YouTube.  With a recently signed deal to OG Maco’s OGG label and co-signs from Michelle Phan, Vibe and other influencers on the internet, I’m excited to see where Doja’s buzz takes her musically. Before everyone gets familiar with this artist’s cool verses and mellow production, I want to give my thoughts on a track that’s been on repeat for past the week titled “No Police”.

Now if you’re into artists that have a laidback sound with minimalistic production like SZA, Chance the Rapper, Raury and Kehlani then you should definitely give Doja Cat a listen. My initial listen to Doja’s music came from hearing “No Doja” featured on a youtuber’s collab video (Drew Macdonald and Thatsojack). “No Police” is the type of music you play during a steamy night with someone you’re really feeling at the moment. Doja illustrates this sexy feeling perfectly as she tells her dude to avoid talking and enjoy the moment, “Lock the jar / Lock the door / Avoid the speech / Cos once you speak / Bull**** reek like oil leak.” After that she wants him to pop a pill, cop a feel and…you can imagine the rest.

“No Police” gives Doja the chance to spit some seductive lines over production that sounds like it came from a stoner’s daydream. I’m drawn by the simplicity of the track and how Doja’s voice gives it such a sexy vibe. From Doja switching between light coos on the catchy hook to some explicit verses that deserve to be enjoyed in private, “No Police” is the perfect song to add to your playlist for the warm summer nights. After hearing the rest of Doja’s EP and being mesmerized by her sunset colored “So High” music video, I’m here for what she has to offer and I’ll be looking out for what’s to come.


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