Doldrums - Lost In Everyone (Official Music Video)

Doldrums – Lost In Everyone

The video for “Lost in Everyone” by the Doldrums has all the dusky loneliness of a very strange dream. The film is mostly shot in black and white, but occasionally shifts unexpectedly to radioactive blues, oranges, and purples. Almost everything about it feels crazed and tense, which matches the mysterious nature of the song. Hundreds of strange shots are strung together, such as a man running through the desert, raindrops dripping backwards out of a puddle, a man frantically jumping and waving his arms, someone submerged facedown in water, and a hand bending in ways that seem just slightly impossible. There are many oddities, but somehow, they also manage to make beautiful images seem warped. A plain white farmhouse feels like a haunted house, and clouds resting on mountains appear dark and foreboding. When the wind hits a field of flowers, something about the way they flutter back and forth seems incredibly spooky.

Directed by Angus Borsos & Airick Woodhead
Starring: Airick Woodhead
Cinematography by Angus Borsos
Edited by Helium Castle Pictures

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