Dominique Hourani - Malak (Official Music Video)

Dominique Hourani – Malak

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Dominique Hourani’s music video “Malak” only has eyes for the striking red-haired and blue-eyed woman dancing throughout. Primarily set on a pure white background, the theme is neon paint, with the woman first dipping the end of her pin-straight ponytail into pink paint, while not a drop lands on her white dress.  A ballerina in a rainbow tutu twirls a neon streamer ribbon on the white background, and our leading lady shows her bad side, in a sparkly black leather get up. The paint-on-white scenes are intercut with images of the woman floating underwater in an exotic lacy red gown, her red locks reminiscent of an Ariel the mermaid, perhaps from the Indian Ocean as opposed to the North Sea. Towards the end of the music video, our eye-catching lady is in a garden bedeck in a white gown, the very picture of bride, but soon she is back to dancing in neon pink and green paints thrown at her from off screen.  

Director: Suzie Selman
Cinematographer: Oscar Verpoort
Production House: Eye Candy


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