Domino's Pizza: 15 Yummy Facts (Part 2) | PPcorn

Domino’s Pizza: 15 Yummy Facts (Part 2)

Domino's Pizza: 15 Yummy Facts (Part 2)

Most people who love pizza also love Domino’s Pizza. Although many people know the brand and the food, they may not know much about the company. Recently, PPcorn released an article loaded with facts about this awesome company. Continue reading to learn more.

Number Eight: Brought Up In an Orphanage. Tom Monaghan, the founder of the franchise, is known to have been brought up in an orphanage. Isn’t that amazing? It’s possible of people of all backgrounds to find success!

Number Seven: The Day of No Pizza. On the day that OJ Simpson was given the verdict (that he was somehow innocent), no one ordered pizza from domino’s. Talk about crazy!

Number Six: A Slice of Danger. In the past, the company had a policy which promised its customers that they would be able to deliver a pizza in 30 minutes within making the order. Because this caused so many accidents (the pressure to deliver on time), Domino’s has, since then, stopped it.

Number Five: They Value Simplicity. When the company started, they vowed that whichever they brought to the table – so to speak – would be simple. All of the items on the menu are simple, and it is this which has surely attributed to the company’s success.

Number Four: There’s a Pizza Competition. Every year, Domino’s Pizza holds a competition within the company to see who makes a pizza the fastest. In 2014, it has been recorded that Pali Grewal made a pizza in 11 seconds. How is that even possible?

Number Three: The Founder has a Temper. Co-founder Tom Monaghan has been known to be quite the fiery character. One time, he even threatened people attempted to steal pizza with a meat tenderizer, even using fisticuffs to stop the criminal act. We suppose that his bad boy image never truly left him.

Number Two: It’s Number Two. Domino’s Pizza is the most successful pizza company, and delivers approximately 400 million pizzas each and every year. That’s over 10 billion dollars in revenue yearly. That is a lot of dough!

Number One: They Deliver on Super Bowl Sunday. Each and every year, Domino’s delivers more than 1 million pizzas on this holiday. This is a good thing to know for football and pizza lovers. It’s also a good thing to know for delivery drivers, who must make a lot on this one day.

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