Don Broco: 'Money, Power, Fame' Single Review

Don Broco: ‘Money, Power, Fame’ Single Review

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Don Broco’s sound has always been explosive; they’ve always made sure their songs were heard loud and clear, and this new single, “Money, Power, Fame,” is no different. With barely any time to gather your thoughts, after five seconds you are hit in the face with one of the most intrusive, noisy and just plain awesome guitar riffs that Don Broco have ever produced; and it’s accompanied by an equally unignorable video (which you can see here). Even if it’s the first time you’re hearing the song, you’re nodding your head and tapping your foot along to it. It slides into the softer verse seamlessly, as if the explosion of noise hadn’t just happened, bringing through a melody that is synonymous with Bedford band. Then, you’re whacked across the head with that breath taking, belter of a riff and cracker of a chorus…and it’s truly amazing listening. Broco have really embraced the heavier side of alternative rock and have almost made it entirely their own genre. Like their previous single, “You Wanna Know”, Broco have achieved an insanely catchy chorus, a banger of a guitar riff and impeccable all round vocals to top it off. It’s a sound that has been well received by the alt rock followers, gaining the band a respectable 67,287 likes on Facebook, and over 40,000 Twitter followers; even after only having released one full length album.

The repetitive nature of the lyrics point to the name of the song in my opinion, and really enhance the meaning behind it. It’s an endless cycle of the same thing over and over, tying very nicely back to the “Money, Power, Fame” theme; “Get up for the money, for the power, the fame / I need it / Take me on and on and on / On and on and on and on.” Don Broco have really grasped onto their own unique sound, and it’s been made perfectly clear that they’re proud of that fact, with this release in particular. They have managed to make this song one that is easy to listen to over and over, despite its naturally repetitive vibe, which I can imagine was not easy to achieve. The Bedford foursome have cemented their place in modern alternative rock, and they have most definitely identified their own distinguishable sound that is tough to replicate. One thing’s for sure, I will definitely be pre-ordering Broco’s currently untitled new album, which “Money, Power, Fame” is the lead single off. And I think you will probably feel the same after listening to this song!

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