Donald Duck: 15 Secrets Disney Never Told You (Part 1)

Donald Duck: 15 Secrets Disney Never Told You (Part 1)

Donald Duck: 15 Secrets Disney Never Told You (Part 1)

If you’re a fan of Disney – and, well, almost everyone seems to be – then it can be said with confidence that you know the beloved character known as Donald Duck. Most people are aware, for instance, of the fact that Donald Duck is one of Walt Disney’s first characters that he created. However, there are a bunch of secrets that most people don’t know about this feisty character that will blow your mind. Here are the first seven.

Number Fifteen: He’s Microphone Made. Like many cartoon characters, Donald Duck is easily recognized by his voice. However, did you know that a unique type of microphone was used in order to get that perfect sound, tone, and pitch? Back in the day, The Neumann TLM-170 mic was used to produce that warm, funny, ducky sound. If it weren’t for this microphone, the humor so well-integrated with this character may not have nearly been as effective.

Number Fourteen: He’s a Duck With a Middle Name. We realize that not every character gets the chance to boast about the fact that they have a middle name, but it’s certainly the case with Donald. Well, we think he would, if he were, well, real. This classic duck’s middle name is actually Fauntleroy, which was revealed in 1942’s Donald Gets Drafted.

Number Thirteen: He Was Born From a Nursery Rhyme. To be more exact, Walt Disney was first inspired to create the character after he heard Clarence Nash recite Mary Had a Little Lamb in a duck voice.

Number Twelve: He Was Made to be Negative. Walt Disney’s first character, Mickey Mouse, was inherently positive. When Disney set out to make his next character, he thought it best to counter Mickey’s positivity with negativity, and, thus, Donald was born.

Number Eleven: He’s an Oscar Winner. We’re pretty sure that no other cartoon character has won an Oscar, but we’re definitely sure that Donald has.  The film is called Der Fuehrer’s Face and was an anti-Nazi cartoon which also featured Groucho Marx’s singing.

Number Ten: He’s Over 80 Years Old. In 1934, Donald Duck was first appeared – dancing – on the silver screen in an animated short known as The Wise Little Hen. This was six years after Mickey made his first appearance.

Number Nine: The Finnish Use His Name. When Finnish voters don’t agree with a certain piece of legislature or a candidate who is running for office, they mark their ballot with Donald Duck’s name. Crazy, right? Like this article? Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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