Donald Duck: 15 Secrets Disney Never Told You (Part 2)

Donald Duck: 15 Secrets Disney Never Told You (Part 2)

Donald Duck: 15 Secrets Disney Never Told You (Part 2)

Donald Duck is such a well-known character in today’s society and has been for many years now. Having said this, there are quite a number of things that the average fan doesn’t know. Recently, PPcorn has revealed the first seven of 15 secrets concerning all things Donald Duck. Today, we’re going to cover the next eight.

Number Eight: He Became a Mascot. Mascots are used as a way to excite and promote the success of a certain targeted group, which often include schools, teams, and more. Donald Duck, who is famous for his sailor outfit, has become the mascot for the Oregon Ducks, the football team at the University of Oregon.

Number Seven: He’s Walt Disney’s Problem Child. Walt Disney was proud for all of the work he created, as he should have been. However, he admitted that there were more problems in working with Donald than there were with Mickey, Goofy, or Pluto.

Number Six: He’s From Duckburg. All of Walt Disney’s original characters lived in one location: Duckburg. It makes one wonder whether or not Donald was supposed to be the head of the town, in the very least.

Number Five: His Unluckiness is On His Car. Whether or not you believe in superstition, superstition was used to reveal on Donald Duck’s unluckiness. The duck’s license plate number reads 313, a number that, according to numerologists, is associated with bad luck. Now it is even more clear as to why he was always so upset. Someone needs to find him a pot of gold to reverse his karma!

Number Four: He’s a Pisces. If you follow Astrology, then you’ll know that Pisces birthdays are mostly found in the month of March. Donald Duck’s birthday is March 13, which is celebrated in one of the cartoon films.

Number Three: He’s The Most Experienced. Please, don’t get the wrong idea. We mean that he has been in more films than any other Disney character: 225 to be exact. Now that’s a resume!

Number Two: He is an American Duck. When Walt Disney was creating Donald Duck, he wanted to make sure that the character was modeled after a real animal. Of course, Donald is not realistic by any means, but we can say that, in the making, Disney was looking at an American Pekin duck.

Number One: He’s Co-Hosted the Oscars. In 1958, the world saw a number of hosts for the Oscar award ceremony, including Bob Hope, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, and, strangely enough, Donald Duck. Could you see this happening anytime in the future?

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