Donald Trump: Top 10 Facts You Didn't Know

Donald Trump: Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

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Donald Trump is in the spotlight now more than ever. However, some facts about this mogul have come out of the woodwork that might just surprise you. Below are top 10 facts you didn’t know about Donald Trump.

Number Ten: Donald Trump Good at Sports

In high school, Trump didn’t spend all of his time in a suit – he played football. He was a strong offensive player.

Number Nine: He Builds Tall. Before Dubai succeeded in building the world’s tallest residential building, that honor belonged to Trump. The building was his 72-floor Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Number Eight: He’s Bankrupt. Well, not exactly, but Trump did declare bankruptcy a whopping four times. One of the most notable bankruptcies he filed was for his casino in Atlantic City.

Number Seven: He’s Sober. Despite the fact that Trump has his own brand of vodka, he doesn’t actually drink it. In fact, he doesn’t drink at all and always tells his children to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Number Six: Donald Trump Has a Board Game

The name of the game is “Trump the Game,” and the objective is to bankrupt your opponents while obtaining as much real estate as possible. The game hits awfully close to home in terms of how much it resembles Trump’s actual life.

Number Five: He’s a Bad Boy. From the age of 13, Trump was a major troublemaker. He got into so many fights as a young boy that his parents had to send him to New York Military Academy so he could learn how to behave.

Number Four: His Nickname is “DJT.” In case you’re wondering why, Trump’s full name is Donald John Trump. Many people call him “DJT” for short.

Number Three: He’s a Germaphobe. Have you ever watched Trump shake hands with someone? He clearly hates it. Trump will quickly pull his hand away from anyone who tries to shake it for longer than just a second.

Number Two: He’s Never Used an ATM. Is this really a surprise? Considering he’s a total elitist and would probably never withdraw less than $1,000, Trump has never seen a reason for using an ATM.

Number One: He Once Insulted Ronald Reagan. Despite the fact that Trump is running as a Republican candidate, he once insulted a Republican president, Ronald Reagan. Oops.

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