Doprah - Whatever You Want (Official Music Video)

Doprah – Whatever You Want

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Doprah washes off all the dirt in their sensual music video for Whatever You Want. At first glance this video appears to be the typical fantasy of a man and woman stranded together, complemented by a nice trip hop beat. Doprah’s music provides a sensual feel that doesn’t undermine the peril of being stranded with no supplies. Though on closer inspection, plastic wrapped supplies are present, yet the protagonists wear little or no clothes.
While there’s a lot of sexual tension between the two leads, the video doesn’t shy away from the bleakness of the situation. This ends up intensifying the romance by raising the stakes of just what will happen to each of them out in the wilderness. A segment involving matches and a jar does well to emphasize the time lapse without being too on the nose. The underwater sequences are well edited to the music. Credit Doprah for finding actors who can hold their breath for so long.

‘Whatever You Want’ is a dirty, sweaty and dark portrayal of two lost souls trying to fight their way out of limbo.

Written and recorded by Doprah; Steven John Marr and Indira Force
Directed and produced by GUARDS [ Daniel Blackball & Alex Lovell-Smith ]
Featuring – Rebekah Clydesdale & Jed Mccammon
Make-up – Melissa Pizzamiglio
Thanks to – Elise Barnes, Lee Nicolson, Tim Nixon, and the University of Otago School of Physical Education

Twitter: @doprah_ and @indiforce
iTunes: Doprah EP Doprah
Spotify: Doprah – Doprah EP
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