How Dove Cameron Uses Music to Help Girls' Self-Esteem

How Dove Cameron Uses Music to Help Girls’ Self-Esteem

How Dove Cameron Uses Music to Help Girls’ Self-Esteem

Many girls growing up encounter self-esteem issues. These girls read magazines that tell them how they’re supposed to look, and it’s very hard for them to escape these ideals that have been reiterated in their minds by publications time and time again. In an attempt to follow the instructions in these magazines, girls develop eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and they no longer have good self-esteem. Dove Cameron, star of the Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie, is here to help girls with their self-esteem.

Dove Cameron plays twin sisters Liv and Maddie in this newly released Disney Channel show. It is what Dove does as her character Liv that has been helping girls everywhere. In an episode of Liv and Maddie¬†titled “Rate-A-Rooney,” Dove uses her character Liv to tackle the issue of girls’ self esteem. In the episode, Liv struggles to write a song while her twin sister, Maddie, struggles with a boy issue at school. The issue? A group of boys sit in the hallway and rate girls on a scale of 1-10 as they walk by. It is evident that Maddie and her friends are hurt by this action, and their self-esteem is affected by each number the boys hold up. Maddie’s friends believe that they must mimic the physical appearance of the females they see in magazines. They must be thin. Their hair must be straight and long. They must wear makeup and dresses or skirts. After they achieve the ideal body image, not only will boys like them, but they will be accepted in society. These girls quickly lose their self-esteem and ultimately hate their original physical appearance. This episode mirrors what young girls in society experience as they enter and go through girlhood. It’s a stage where all self-esteem is lost.

However, Dove Cameron addresses this issue as Liv, helps the female characters in the episode, and is now helping girls all around the world. As previously mentioned, Liv struggles to write a song in the episode. Well, after her sister’s loss of self-esteem and her friends changing their appearances, Liv writes a song: “What A Girl Is.” After the episode aired on Disney Channel, Dove decided to create a music video for it. In the song, Dove sings about how all girls are perfect just the way they are. Girls don’t need a number, to be a certain size, a specific hair style, or extra makeup to be beautiful. Girls are beautiful, strong, and incredible just the way they are. Dove Cameron’s anthem can be heard in every girl’s room (I know because I have a younger sister). Girls dance, sing, and are encouraged by the lyrics of the song. They gain their self-esteem back through listening to Dove. Because of Dove, girls know that they are truly perfect, and their self-esteem skyrockets because of it.

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