DownBeat Keys - Lonely (Official Music Video)

DownBeat Keys – Lonely

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DownBeat Keys’ music video for “Lonely” follows the lead singer of the five-piece band as he desperately tries to get to his girl in time to save the relationship. Of course, the universe throws every possible obstacle in his way. A biker nearly hits him, causing him to drop his phone down a gutter drain, an insensitive lady takes the cab that he saw first, punks start to harass him till he walks quickly away, only to have his wallet stolen by a bombshell who “accidentally” bumps into him and then sets a couple of hefty bouncers on him when he tries to chase her down. Unable to bum metro fare, even from his fellow bandmates who are busking incognito in the subway, he heads back up into the streets, soon to be chased by an apocalypse harbinger. Attempting to elude said nutcase, he dashes into the street, is hit by a car, and must limp the rest of the way to his girlfriend. A happy ending is in store, though, as you’ll see for yourself.

Directed by Alex Pecor
Written and Performed by DownBeat Keys
Edited by Chris Meidell
Cinematography by House Bar Productions


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