Drake Premieres 'Obey Your Thirst' Documentary

Drake Premieres ‘Obey Your Thirst’ Documentary



Drake has become one of the biggest artists in the world, some may argue he is the best rapper in hip hop music. As far as Drake is concerned, he doesn’t have any competition in rap music. “I’m not worried about these other rappers, I’m not competing with those guys. I already know their hand, I know their move. I study everything,” the rapper said in his documentary entitled Obey Your Thirst, which is presented by Sprite and The Fader. While “these other rappers” aren’t much competition for Drake, he believes his real competition are the rappers who are still awaiting their chance to make it into the music industry. “I’m worried about the kid that’s sitting in his house that wants to be better than me and all those guys. That’s who I’m competing with,” Drake explained.

During the documentary, Drake also spoke about his struggle to become relevant in Toronto, a place where the rap scene was non-existent. The rapper said he was told he would have to move to New York in order to make a name for himself, but Drake ignored the advice and decided to build his career in “The 6.” “Toronto is the reason I do all this. All I did was find a way to make people proud of our city. The artists from our city, their whole objective was to get out- so I just had to flip that way of thinking,” Drake explained. He continued,”All of these guys are like ‘You gotta go to New York and make it happen’- no you don’t. That’s dead now. Do it the way The Weeknd did it, do it like PartyNextDoor did it, do it the way I did it. Do it from where you’re at.”

Drake has dropped four studio albums including Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was the Same, and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. His Views from the 6 project is expected to be released some time this year. His debut effort, Thank Me Later, was dropped five years ago. It features guest appearances by Lil Wayne, The Dream, Swizz Beatz, and Nicki Minaj. Four singles were released from the album including “Over,” “Find Your Love,” “Miss Me,” and “Fancy.”

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