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Drake: ‘Views’ Album Review

Drake: 'Views' Album Review


Drake had us anticipating his latest album since last year and he has finally dropped “Views” which is everything you’d or not expect. After having us contemplating what this album would sound like, no one can testify to having guessed right as it is something different although not new.

After months of teasing with massive promotional singles like “Hotline Bling,” announcing the month of release minus the exact date, then eventually announcing the date, 29th April finally brought us that new Drake music.

“Views” is less than a day old but almost every song off it is trending on twitter and it is the buzz all over the world. It makes you forget that Beyoncé called out Jay-z a couple of days ago.  The hype Drake and “Views” have created is not exaggerated at all, it is all duly earned.

One thing everyone that is listening or planning to listen to this album should understand, it is not what you’d ordinarily expect from Drake. Since “Nothing Was the Same” hardcore Hip Hop fans have expressed concern saying that they are disappointed he has slowly abandoned the hardcore rap and is tending towards more singing. Which I think was a little misconceived and quickly judged. They might have been looking at the small picture here.

Drake has slowly led us into a transition. Since the beginning of his career, he has been trying to find his sound and establish solid ground before fully venturing into it. If you have critically listened to all his previous albums and mixtapes, with each release they become less of what we know Hip Hop to be and they become more of what defines the Drake sound.

“Views” presents a fully nurtured Drake sound and it is an absolute delight. It is a piece of perfection that has been crafted over the right period of time. One thing you will appreciate with this album is the diversity that is well distributed among the 20 tracks that make up “Views”. The album is an all-round creation boosting music themed on various topics beautifully complimented with the poetic writing that Drake pens. This diversity goes as far as the artists that feature, we have Wizkid from Nigeria, Beenie Man from Jamaica, and Rihanna among others.

“Views” steps aside from the banality of sounding tough as expected from a rap artist and just gives you outstandingly good music about everything. Even the seemingly “too hardcore to listen to Drake” stereotypes have songs that will utterly appeal to them and leave them nodding in acknowledgment. Drake evenly distributed this album to suit all types of Drake fans and Drake critics.

“Views” may not be one of Hip Hop’s best albums, but it is with undaunted faith Drake’s best album yet. It represents his creativity as an artist and the brilliance with which he approached to getting us to this album and at this point in time is commendably pure genius. Drake has baby stepped us into the evolution of his sound. With “Views” he let his sound mature and when we were ready for it, he unveiled the full-fledged Drake sound at its best yet.

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