The-Dream: 'Fruition' Single Review

The-Dream: ‘Fruition’ Single Review

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R&B crooner The-Dream gave his fans an early Christmas gift and released the single, “Fruition.” The ballad is a testament of his love for the woman in his life. “Fruition” is more than likely dedicated to his wife. The-Dream beautifully sings the lyrics “Girl you’re embedded in my heart / You’re tattooed to my soul / Can’t tear us apart / You’re the dearest thing in my mind / It’s been so hard to find someone like you.”

The-Dream is one of the greatest producers and songwriters of this generation. Although he is best known for his melodic mid-tempo songs, “Fruition” showcases The-Dream’s seductive vocals. The-Dream may not get the credit his deserves as a vocalist, but I think some people may change their mind after hearing his vocals on this song. The sexy guitar sounds and subtle touching of the drums prove that The-Dream knows exactly how to romance a woman.

The song structure is brilliant, to say the least. I definitely appreciate how the song builds. The opening of the song starts slowly, but it builds with each note and each verse. It’s as if The-Dream is showing his listeners how to properly court someone you love. R&B fans have become so accustomed to R&B songs laced with hip-hop tracks and rap-like vocals, I hope they will be able to appreciate the simplicity of “Fruition.”

The Dream’s The Prequel EP, an online-only release, was a solid indication of what we are to expect from The Dream since his departure from Def Jam Records. It’s easy to assume he is creatively free from the pressure of releasing commercial records. I can hear the maturity and the evolution of The-Dream as a musician and songwriter.

If you are expecting to hear records like “Rockin’ That Thang,” “Slow It Down,” or “Make Up Bag,” then this probably isn’t the song for you. “Fruition” is ‘grown folks’ music. In other words, you won’t hear this song in the nightclubs. The album, Fruition, is scheduled to be released in 2015. The album is expected to be released under The-Dream’s record label, Contra Paris. You can listen to The-Dream’s “Fruition” on Soundcloud.

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