Dream Stretcher - The Fall (Official Music Video)

Dream Stretcher – The Fall

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The water show hypnotizes and thrills in this striking Music Video for The Fall by Dream Stretcher. Anyone with a passion for the sea will find this video easy to relate to. A woman enjoys the late night waves breaking in the moonlight as silhouettes of water sing a siren-like song. The woman looks longingly at the sea, even taking time to splash around in the water. The pitch-black night juxtaposes the bright world of the watery singers.
Though most of the footage involves the water silhouettes, a few blue and red contraptions at the bottom of the screen fascinate. There appears to be no function for the machines, but the design is impressive enough on its own. Dream Stretcher’s sound is unique enough to make this video different than the typical ode to the sea. Thanks to their distinct musical style, the video comes across as an almost alien celebration of the ocean.

Facebook: facebook.com/DreamStretcher
Director/Edit : Ryan Valdez ryanmv.com/work.html
Concept + Art Direction : Misti Huskey
Starring: Alley Ertel
Hair / Make up / Styling : Chris Allison
Special Thanks: Andrew Steiger, William Mathieu, Nathan Leeder

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