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Drivers In Texas Rescue A Terrified Horse On A Houston Freeway

Drivers In Texas Rescue A Terrified Horse On A Houston Freeway

It’s not every day that a horse runs loose in the middle of a freeway in Houston. However, that was the unfortunate incident that one horse found itself in. You’ll be shocked at how these drivers worked together to save the life of one scared horse.

20. Regular Day

Image: AARoads

It was a regular day in Houston, Texas and cars were driving along Highway 59. Everyone was driving on their way to their destination when something unbelievable happened! All of the drivers were shocked…

19. Odd Occurrence

Image: Fox News

All of the drivers were completely taken aback when out of nowhere a horse started running along the highway. No one could believe what they were seeing as the horse ran with the traffic of the highway.

18. A Saddle


Drivers on the highway could see that the horse had a saddle and a bridle on. So it could be assumed that the rider had fallen off the horse at some point before the horse made it onto the highway. So what could have happened?

17. Possible Situation

Image: Click2Houston

In Texas, many people ride horses so it isn’t uncommon to see one. People were speculating that the rider may have fallen off and that the horse got scared and ran off into the distance. However, no one knows for sure how the horse made it out there.

16. Video Recording

Image: YouTube

One driver began recording the situation from the passenger seat of their car. In the video you can clearly see a white pickup truck slowing down to ride alongside the horse. Things were really getting intense…

15. Helping Out


The white pickup truck had finally slowed down enough and the passenger began reaching out of the window. They then proceeded to try and grab the reins on the horse. Timing was everything in a situation like this.

14. Second Other

Image: YouTube

The driver in the car with the passenger that was recording the video then pulled up closer to the horse as well. He tried to help and called out to the horse saying, “Whoa.” Finally, the horse began to slow down.

13. Slowed Down


The horse now started to slow down and wasn’t running at such a crazy pace. This allowed the driver in the pickup truck to finally grab the reins. The driver then started to guide the horse over to the far right lane.

12. Walking Slowly


Finally, the driver was able to bring the horse over to the far right lane. The horse then slowed down to walking speed and gently trotted on the side. Its life had been saved!

11. Saviors


They just saved that horse’s life,” says a voice in the video recording. Luckily, there were people around willing to go out of their way to save the life of a frightened horse. Next, we have a story about a pony that was rescued from a slaughterhouse!

10. Tobias

Image: Holidog Times EN

Tobias was only a little pony when he came into the lives of the Hance family. Kirk Hance had just moved his family onto a small farm to have more room for their animals. That’s when he found out about horse auction sites.

9. Auction Sites

Image: The Dodo

For those that don’t know, horse auction sites are where less desirable horses are often brought to be slaughtered. Kirk and his wife were both brokenhearted when they passed by a site. They knew they couldn’t leave it without intervening in some way.

8. Purchase

Image: The Dodo

I honestly didn’t know that such places existed. I showed my wife the site and it really got to us,” Kirk told The Dodo. “My wife spotted both a little paint mare and this little pony; both were being shipped at the end of the day if nobody could step up. We just jumped immediately and purchased them.”

7. Tiny Pony

Image: Pinterest

That’s how Tobias came into their lives. He was pretty withdrawn when he was first brought to the farm. “He was sick and just kind of stared at the ground. I’m convinced he was severely depressed,” Kirk said.

6. Compassion

Image: The Dodo

Tobias was incredibly skittish and didn’t feel comfortable with anyone getting too close to him. So Kirk gave him the distance he needed while also showing him that he meant Tobias no harm. “I knew I needed to get down on his level and just show him I cared for him,” Kirk said.

5. An Embrace

Image: The Dodo

“He came up to me, and what started as me just petting him softly and reassuring him it was OK, turned into a full embrace. I just sat there for a few minutes holding him. He seemed to relax and almost fell asleep as if he knew he was safe.”

4. Love

Image: The Dodo

He melted my heart,” Kirk said. “I was taken aback at how people can be so mean to an animal that just wants to be loved.” Tobias and the other horses are now opening up much more and getting comfortable on the farm.

3. Daily Visits

Image: The Dodo

The family, especially the kids, enjoy going out for daily visits to see the horses. “My five kids go out daily and love on them, along with me and my wife,” Kirk said.

2. One Regret

Image: The Dodo

1. Amazing People

Image: Pixabay

Thanks to these amazing people. these two horses were given a second chance at life. Heartwarming stories like these are what leave us inspired!


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