Drugs: 10 Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals

Drugs: 10 Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals

Drugs: 10 Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals


America is considered by many to be overly medicated, since we have a tendency to reach for a quick fix when we encounter a problem, instead of dealing with it at the source. What if there were natural alternatives to the drugs you’ve been taking? It turns out even the most common pharmaceuticals have a natural equivalent. Here are 10 of them.

Number Ten: Acetaminophen – Pain Relief

Acetaminophen is a common choice for pain relief, but it only masks symptoms intead of healing them, and damages the liver as well. Visiting a chiropractor can be a good alternative since adjustments to the spine are linked with pain relief.

Number Nine: Lipitor – High Cholesterol Pills

These drugs lower your cholesterol, but it’s really just putting a band-aid on the issue. Why not go straight to the source and change your diet to cure your problems? Oats, garlic and healthy red wines will help with this.

Number Eight: Zestril – High Blood Pressure Meds

Instead of staying on pills for life, why not try creasing your potassium and magnesium intake? Start eating more bananas, tomatoes, and try some supplements. This effectively lowers blood pressure in most people.

Number Seven: Synthroid – Hypothyroid Drugs

This issue can be the direct result of mineral deficiency. Incorporating more iodine as well as iron and selenium could improve this, but be sure to consult your doctor first.

Number Six: Prilosec – Acid Reflux Medication

For this problem, try switching your diet to healthier choices. You could also purchase some slippery elm. This wonderful herb helps with acid reflux by coating the throat and stomach lining, and relieving inflammed intestines.

Number Five: Zithromax – Sinus Infection Pills

Instead of jumping on this drug, why not try a nasal rinse first? If you are consistent, it could clear up your infection quite fast, diminishing the bacteria present by at least 90% each time.

Number Four: Glucophage – Diabetes Medication

Unless you want to be on meds for the rest of your life, you should change your lifestyle habits. Be active and make healthier diet choices.

Number Three: Xanax – Anxiety Drugs

This drug creates a horrible physical and mental dependency. Try journaling instead, which has been shown to improve anxiety.

Number Two: Ambien – Sleep Aid

Instead of becoming dependent on a prescription for your insomnia, try something else. Melatonin is a naturally occuring substance that will help you sleep.

Number One: Zoloft – Depression Meds

Instead of getting on an anti-depressant, try changing your diet first. Fish has been shown to lower depression symptoms. Thanks for reading!

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