Polish Electro-pop Band The Dumplings Debut Technicolor Yawn on FDRMX

Polish Electro-pop Band The Dumplings Debut Technicolor Yawn on FDRMX

The Dumplings - Technicolor Yawn ReviewPhoto Courtesy of greatescapefestival.com

Electro-pop duo The Dumplings started out in 2011 when Justyna Święc (vocals, 17 years old) and Kuba Karaś (songwriter, 18 years old) met. Justyna asked Kuba to be the instrumentalist in a song competition she was participating in and a mere month later, the band was official. Originally into acoustic indie-rock songs, The Dumplings developed their into their current electronic style over the course of two years. They released their debut album “No Bad Days” from Warner Music Poland just a few months ago, in May, 2014, and the track “Technicolor Yawn” became the album’s hit single shortly thereafter. FDRMX discovered the music video for “Technicolor Yawn” and invited The Dumplings to join our music video library. Uploaded just today, you can check out the featured music video below. Despite their youth and adorable name, the theme of “Technicolor Yawn” is by no means naive or immature, dealing with that all-too-familiar topic of following your dream.

The Dumplings even agree, saying in an interview on blog.radio17.pl and eska.pl, “Considering our age, we do feel quite mature. I have no idea what is the reason… It all comes out of us naturally, we don’t know what is happening inside of us. That’s the sensitivity we have and we are trying to show it through our songs (…). We wouldn’t like to limit ourselves to one musical genre. We’re free to choose our style. Once our music is categorized as alternative, we’ll have a problem trying to play dubstep or techno, for example.”

The song is a bouncy, playful cyber pop tune, definitely sung with a sunny disposition towards the difficulties of following your dreams. “Technical Yawn” (and most of the songs on “No Bad Days”) happens to be sung in English, with artsy, slightly vague lyrics that repeat throughout the song: “I will try musical art, you will try to defend / I didn’t realize it’s started at time now it ends.” The song’s production (always very important when it comes to electronic songs) is very well done, and there is a balance between Kuba’s electronic compositions and Justyna’s sweet, soft voice. This first hit single demonstrates The Dumplings’ incredible potential. Watch the official music video for “Technicolor Yawn” on Encyclopedia of Music below.

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