The Dumplings - Technicolor Yawn (Official Music Video)

The Dumplings – Technicolor Yawn

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Anything can be an instrument in the trippy Technicolor Yawn by The Dumplings. Describing exactly what happens in this video would be to write a list of random weirdness befitting a madman. Some of the images, such as a disembodied hand holding cotton candy and a man strumming a plant, need to be seen to really understand. Surprisingly, the collection of unnatural images are never disturbing thanks to the bubbly presentation of the video. For every unnatural image in the video there is a pleasantly mundane one to counterweight it. It goes without saying that cat lovers will especially appreciate certain segments of this video.
The Dumplings embrace their weirdness in a way befitting David Lynch. Isolated, each image would feel completely random but Technicolor Yawn presents them with such uniformity so that together they all feel part of the same strange world. While it may take a few views to really understand what a Technicolor Yawn is, finding out is a joy thanks to the upbeat video and catchy track.

Writer/Director – Arek Nowakowski /
Set design/costumes –
Production Manager – Katarzyna Pajzderska
Make-up – Natalia Niedziela

Alexandra Gabriżová
Bartosz Szczęsny
Iga Kucharska
Jadwiga Łukaszewska
Justyna Święs
Kacper Sita
Kuba Karaś
Marek Straszak
Mikołaj Gramowski
Nad’a Lukáčiková
Wanda Łukaszewska

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Thanks to: aloha from deer, Cyfrowa Republika, Daniel Palpuchowski, forform, In2it Studio, kropka shoes, rododendron t-shirts and ZLO.TO

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