Easy Instagram Ecommerce

Easy Instagram Ecommerce

Easy Instagram Ecommerce


Are you looking for ways to align your business and social media goals?

Instagram is a social media platform that gets over 300 million users each month, which is 17% of the adult population in the United States. Over half of these users make their way to the site every single day.

Six out of the seven top networks in the social media world today have an engagement rate that stands at under a single percent. Top brands that are on Instagram can generate a rate of 4.21% when it comes to per-follow engagement.

The breadth of users along with high level of engagement catapults Instagram into being the ultimate platform for helping you to brand your market and selling on social media.

These are six essential tips that you can use to help you optimize the Instagram account for your eCommerce needs:

Placing A Link In Your Bio

The bio on Instagram is the only area where you can place a link that is clickable. Adding your company’s website link will help to drive traffic to that page. While you can insert links into a caption that is on a photo or video on Instagram, they will only show up as plain text. The bio will be crucial to driving traffic from social media into your eCommerce store.

Optimizing Photos For Mobile

A lot of Instagram users are getting to the platform via the small screen of a mobile device. You need to keep this in mind as you create your content. All content should be eye catching, including good lighting, bright colors and great background space.

You should also figure out what types of content are best by measuring the levels of engagement. Once you find out which visuals do best, you do not have to be shy about reusing them for other marketing channels moving forward. Here are some tips.

Regramming Your Customers and Followers

You can regram the photos that customers have tagged you in, simply by adding a hashtag or an @mention.

This is a great way to celebrate customers, while also showing potential customers that there are fun ways your products are being used after they are purchased. Be sure that you ask customers for permission prior to featuring them on any marketing channels.

Scheduling Time For Comments And Likes

Work to engage with your followers and you will be able to build lasting relationships. Set aside time to comment and like the posts, reach out to any brand influencers and always monitor conversations surrounding your brand.

When you are able to stay active on social media, it can help to humanize the brand and build loyalty.

Post Regular Content

Brands that are active will generate the most buzz and highest engagement rates on Instagram. Think about posting at least one time each day, keeping the content nice and fresh as you engage with followers. Social media management can be a 24/7 job, so think about using a scheduler to help you stay on top of posting.

Get Extra Followers

One good way to improve your Instagram appeal is to look popular and this can be done through purchasing likes, followers and views. These will all help your brand look more popular and encourage others to like it. Look at tools such as this to do so.

Measuring Progress

Start off with the basis and gather any data that will help you to monitor your brand easily. Discover any brand influencers that are emerging and always identify your top branded content.

You can look at brand performance as well as monitor the followers and their conversations online. You could be surprised at just how much you can learn about customers as well as your business by simply analyzing the data on a regular basis.

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