Echopark - Teleportation (Official Music Video)

Echopark – Teleportation

Playing with motion, Echopark’s “Teleportation” video is full of fun, playful, syncopated imagery that keeps up with the song’s lively rhythm. Opening with a calm haziness that matches the acoustic introduction, we follow one girl on her bicycle ride into the sun, as the video flashes to a skateboarder passionately playing the bars on the fence that separates him from the riverbank as if they were the strings of an acoustic guitar. With more tranquil footage of a girl twirling a kite in her hands to another young woman’s journey into the forest, the viewer can anticipate the coming of the drums.

With the drop of the drum line, the video’s characters come to life as if they were producing the rhythm themselves with their tools at hand. A surfboard smacks the waves, a basketball hits the ground, the kite starts bouncing, and the red-cloaked woman in the forest plays the trees around her like they were her drums and the branches her drum sticks. The song ends with the same tranquility as it begins; the characters fade away, leaving the nature they played in to rest with the setting sun.


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