Echosmith: 'Talking Dreams' Album Review

Echosmith: ‘Talking Dreams’ Album Review

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Introducing themselves as true musicians, Echosmith lets the instruments lead in their first album Talking Dreams. Unusual for a group that’s made it in the mainstream, this album is a collection of stories which reveals the function of a woman’s mind. The first song “Come Together” reveals the album’s female protagonist who is a dreamer. Initially as a listener, you can determine that her dreams are of love and that there is a man who shares them, but this album also has a twist.

In “Let’s Love” the vocals of lead singer Sydney Sierota are paired with male vocals. A song that describes one’s dream partner from the protagonist’s perspective but also from the man’s, “Let’s Love” is only number two of the eleven collective dreams. The third track, which happens to be Echosmith’s successful single “Cool Kids”, is the dream of a partner who is similar, though that means they’re both outcasts. The fascination with partnering continues in the album as she tells him to “Come With Me“, and we’ll “March Into the Sun”.

The depth of the band’s lyrical talent is truly shown at its strongest in “Bright”. With two vocalists singing a folk melody (reminiscent of artists like A Fine Frenzy), the beautiful tune says, “Did you see that shooting star tonight / Where you dazzled by the same constellation / Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me / I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right / Cause now I’m shining bright”.  In this song you realize that the male vocals have been limited to the background for the last few tracks and this continues to the end. It continues this way because the man does not exist, the man himself is a figment of the woman’s dreams. Twisted.

With instrument features in songs like “Ran Off in The Night”, which displays the abilities of drummer Graham Sierota, the album is not completely focused on Sydney. The well-arranged vamp in “Nothing’s Wrong” features solos from bass player Noah Sierota and melodious guitar player, Jamie Sierota. Shaking away from obvious lyric meanings and other commercial characteristics, Echosmith is an alternative-pop sensation. If dreams could talk and Echosmith wrote the script, this band would definitely be considered four of the “Cool Kids.”

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