Eclectic Method - Beatscraper

Eclectic Method – Beatscraper

This fun video that plays in tandem with Eclectic Method‘s “Beatscraper” plays with sky scrapers on a city skyline in time with the beat of the song. The short, entertaining video uses a different building for each part, moving in time almost like a visual audio synthesizer. Hilariously, when the few scattered spoken lines are added in, what is clearly a photograph is pasted in on one side with the mouth opening and closing like something off of a cameo from South Park. As time goes on more buildings are introduced into the mix, until the entire city is bopping to the beat, and some of the buildings even change like transformers, or add pyrotechnics to the mix by the end. All in all a very creative, hilarious piece that goes along perfectly with the track, especially because of the title – clearly the song was composed with the visuals in mind.


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