Eclectic Method - Homecourt

Eclectic Method – Homecourt

Eclectic Method‘s “Homecourt” is a song made entire of sounds; as a cappella is to mainstream music, so this track is to beatboxing. The beat is laid down by sounds from the basketball court – the sound of sneakers sliding, balls bouncing, people dunking balls into the net. In a true show of eclecticism, this song really captures the essence of playing on the court, and the music video compliments it perfectly. The video also goes out of its way to show images of the city around the court; you see graffiti for Brooklyn at one point, someone washing their car in the summer heat, people watching the guy who is playing. Eventually it culminates in the player stopping when the song does, holding the ball and looking at the audience as the words “Welcome Home” appear on the screen. This somehow makes the short video even more poignant as the home court fades to black.


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