Eclectic Method - MultiPad (Official Music Video)

Eclectic Method – MultiPad

Another innovative video from Eclectic Method that is just as much about the sound as the visuals, “Multipad” takes its title very literally; the video is comprised of several tablet-style computers, each with different parts of the song on the screens, from the sections of the guitar that are being played to the sections of the soundboard and the different vocals that are mixed in with the mix board. The song is just as much a visual experience as an audio one, and clearly again, like so many other songs by the group, the idea for the video influenced the actual writing of the music – so having one without the other cuts the experience in half. Definitely worth a watch for the quick and interesting switches between parts that makes everything come together so well, this video is always moving with the sounds while you watch potentially how the composition actually took place.


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