Ekat Bork - On My Moon (Official Music Video)

Ekat Bork – On My Moon

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Russian artist Ekat Bork’s video for her song “On My Moon” follows the ups and downs of the rocky relationship shared between one couple. The video opens to scenes of both partners on their own, looking troubled after a recent fight. The man holds his head in his hands in frustration as he sits in their bedroom. In the kitchen, the woman is smoking a cigarette, staring blankly ahead. These are disrupted by more abstract scenes of Bort singing and an interpretive dancer making dramatic moves in the dark. Scenes of the couple’s dispute and attempts at reconciliation are juxtaposed to flashbacks of their good times together, particularly them bonding and kissing on the couch in their apartment. The man attempts to reach out to the woman, only for his advances to be met with cold disinterest. The tension between them builds as the song reaches a delayed climax, and the video evolves into something more and more imaginatively jarring.

Publisher: Ginkho Editions & Records
Songwriter: Ekat Bork



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