Electric Lady Lab - It's Over Now (Official Music Video)

Electric Lady Lab – It’s Over Now

Electric Lady Lab – It’s Over Now

The video for “It’s Over Now” by Electric Lady Lab starts off with the singer in a high fashion outfit – large shoulder pads, very short skirt, extreme high heels. This is all in high contrast to her pale skin, nearly white blond hair, and dark eyebrows. It cuts back and forth between her singing by herself to the bumping, grinding beat and her singing to a man she apparently has tied to a chair wearing a black mask that covers his entire so that he can’t see or make any sound. Eventually, she takes his mask off as she repeats to him “It’s Over Now” again and again. Then, in a surprising twist, she pours what is probably meant to be gasoline all over herself and him before it cuts to him writhing back and forth in the chair, having been lit on fire while the singer watches him burn impassively, still repeating “It’s Over Now” at every beat.

Video directed by Michael Sauer Christensen (GAUCHO film) Shot in Copenhagen October 2009

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