Elvis Presley's Graceland Will Be in Las Vegas

Elvis Presley’s Graceland Will Be in Las Vegas

Courtesy of wallerz.net

Courtesy of wallerz.net

Elvis Presley‘s Graceland will now be in Las Vegas, and the 28,000 square feet exhibit will be the second largest Presley display. The largest display is in Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis, of course. The Westgate Las Vegas Hotel and Casino will have a rotating display of Presley artifacts and memorabilia, and most of the items were only viewable inside of his Graceland mansion. A majority of the clothes and shoes that will be shown, will come from the Presley’s closet. There will also be a Presley-inspired wedding chapel for those who want to get married in Graceland Las Vegas. 

The Las Vegas Hilton, first known as The International, will be remodeled to resemble the same look when the legendary singer performed there. “We walk into everything with [the mindset of] what would Elvis want. Absolutely positively, he would want to be back in Vegas,” managing partner Joel Weinshanker said. There will be a lot of actual Presley memorabilia on display at the Las Vegas Hilton, too. One of the items will be the million-dollar tablecloth contract Presley signed, in order to perform at The International for one year. The Las Vegas Residency deal included the singer’s suite on the 30th floor of The International hotel.

Presley’s famed two-piece black suit will also be displayed at the Hilton. The legend wore the two-piece black suit, and a single-button suit, for his first few performances at The International in 1969. The Hilton will also have an actor portraying Presley, and he will perform the legend’s biggest hits, along with backup singers and an orchestra. The performances will take place in the same showroom Presley once performed in. 

Elvis Presley’s legacy includes becoming one of the best-selling solo recording artists in music history, by selling more than 600 million records worldwide. Some of his studio albums include Elvis Is Back!, Somebody for Everybody, Blue Hawaii, and Promised Land. He is commonly referred to as the King of Rock and Roll, and he was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. In January, Presley’s first recordings were sold at an auction for $300,000. The recordings consisted of two songs, “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin.” The songs were recorded at Sam Phillip’s Memphis Recording Service in 1953. The recordings were once estimated at $500,000, which only cost an 18 year old Presley $4 to purchase.

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