Elvis Presley's Life on Exhibit at London's O2

Elvis Presley’s Life on Exhibit at London’s O2

Courtesy of remindmagazine.wordpress.com

Courtesy of remindmagazine.wordpress.com

Famous Elvis Presley pieces, from his Pink Cadillac and American Eagle jumpsuit to personal items like his wallet and keys, have been removed from Graceland and are on their way to the United Kingdom. O2 in London will house Elvis’ items for a nine-month period in a brand new exhibition.

In addition to these items, the exhibition will include a virtual tour of the Graceland estate. This famous plot of land, located in America’s music capital, Nashville, Tennessee, has housed Elvis’ belongings since his death in 1977. Elvis was 42 and passed on in his home.

Today the estate has no actual residents, but serves as a tourist attraction, bringing a significant amount of revenue to the state of Tennessee each year. Ownership of the estate does not lie in the Presley family at all, but his loved ones still remain active in keeping his memory alive. When recently asked about her feelings on the new exhibition, his ex-wife, Priscilla, said, “Elvis meant so much to me and our daughter Lisa, but we both know that our family truly shares him with the world. His legacy lives on today. While each and every item contains a lifetime of memories, we are more than happy to allow these treasured memories to leave Graceland.”

Though the exhibition is set to run for nine months, a few select items will only be in the exhibit for a short period. Elvis’ gold, American Eagle Jumpsuit, as well as a black leather suit he wore in the Comeback Special of 1968, are both among the short-period items.  The coordinator of the exhibition, Nic Wastell, made sure to include as many items from Graceland as possible. When asked about the exhibition, he explained that he created it for Europeans who are not likely to travel to America to experience Elvis’ Graceland. “For people who can’t get to Graceland, Graceland is coming to them,” said Wastell.

Displaying items like Elvis’ wallet, which contains photos of his daughter, Lisa, and his actual set of keys to the Graceland estate, the exhibition hopes to be a replica of Graceland on British soil. The exhibit is titled Elvis At the O2: The Exhibition of His Life. It will open on December 12 and continue until August 31 of 2015. The sale of tickets for the exhibition will begin this Friday.

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