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Emily West: ‘Bitter’ Music Video Review



With her soaring voice and glamorous aesthetic Emily West was an immediate crowd favorite when she appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2014. Dubbed the Sultry Songstress for her Old Hollywood appeal, West rapidly shot up the ranks in the show and finished up in second place for the season. Listening to the soulful musician tackle songs such as Sia’s rousing “Chandelier” with ease it was evident that the songstress was ready to take the world by a storm, and now Emily West is preparing for the release of her first full-length album.

The album, titled All For You, is set for release in August and features studio recordings of songs West performed on America’s Got Talent as well as original material such as lead single “Bitter.” On the inspirational track West sings about growing and hardening her heart after a failed relationship. Although the term bitter usually has some negative connotations, Emily West approaches the concept with a more open opinion. Sure, her absent lover has left her slightly jaded; however, the experience has also revealed how strong she is.

Comparing herself to a caged lion, Emily West sings about fighting for what she wants and refusing to settle for mediocre.  She looks back on her relationship with her lover with a sense of confusion, aware of the love and pain that exists in the memories.  In a sense, Emily West seems to be proud of her “bitterness” as it has taught her how to fight for her own hopes and dreams instead of simply following someone.

When it came time to shoot the music video for “Bitter,” West decided to play up the dichotomy between Hollywood Glamour and the grit of the New York Streets in a similar manner to how she approached her previous relationship in the song.  As a result, scenes in the visual feature West singing into a vintage camera in a bright abandoned loft. Dressed to impress in a luxurious black silk and sequined gown with her hair in loose waves, West reclines on a leather chaise while a photographer snaps a few photos as West sings and poses. The rich shots are perfectly contrasted by personal footage of West making her way around the city outside of the glamorous loft.

The footage showcases West as she explores the wonders of New York City, traveling to several appearances on foot or by taxi.  The songstress seems to be free and entirely happy as she is seen smiling and laughing in the street footage.  In a way, it is almost as though the footage represents the joy that she has experienced from her previous relationship, while the footage in the studio seems to showcase a more contained beauty and possibly alludes to the way that her relationship held her back.

Emily West’s “Bitter” visual creates an intriguing contrast between the perceived glamour of a celebrity lifestyle and the freedom of living an everyday life, and it puts an interesting spin on “Bitter’s” lyrical content. It is also evident that Emily West had a “blast” shooting the video.  “Bitter” leaves you prepared to see more from the Sultry Seductress.  Watch Emily West’s “Bitter” HERE and get ready to hear more from her on All For You in the coming months.  Until then, let us know what you think about the “Bitter” video!

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