Enrique Iglesias: 'Bailando' Music Video Review

Enrique Iglesias: ‘Bailando’ Music Video Review



Just when we were starting to think dancing in music videos had become terribly cliché, Enrique Iglesias proves us wrong. Critics could easily make a statement about the budget realities of this music video, but it is completely irrelevant to the visual art. The music video for “Bailando (Español)” begins with four friends having fun together in a sitting room. What’s fun without dancing and soccer? Nada.

Dancing in the sitting room leads to running down the street. With spectators cheering and laughing, Enrique and his three companions dance through the city. The director, Alejandro Perez, captured the true essence of fun, as Enrique’s sweaty gray t-shirt portrays free-spirited enjoyment. Throughout the video, it’s the simple things that make the biggest contribution to this theme. Small things, like the bright colors used for most of the clothing, give the illusion of happiness to the video.

Overall, it’s the people in the music video that truly help you experience the fun. This occurs mainly through dancing, or in Spanish, “bailando.” However, the basic characteristics of these people are what paint the most effective portrait of the theme.

When first introduced to ‘the woman in the red dress’ and her black-garbed backup dancers, it is expected that salsa dancing will commence. The surprise is that the dancers are ballerinas who begin dancing in the center of the town. The emotion on her face reads confidence at first, then vulnerability, then confidence again. This is a common portrait of emotion used in music videos to show sexuality without being too provocative. This part of the video plays more to the song’s theme then the video’s. Though ‘the woman in the red dress’ was spectacular in her solo scene, the group scene is more effective because she seems to outshine the others. This is another illusion.

‘The woman in the red dress’ is the only person wearing a red dress. The red is used to draw your eye to the person the director wanted you to focus on. Even when the street dancers battle the ballerinas, you will find yourself only looking at her. If you are able to draw your eyes to the bigger picture for a moment, you will notice that all the dancers are efficient.

Although their performances make the video effective, it is also the reason it lacks originality. It is quite similar to the themes found in “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony. Given that this video was made a few months after it, you are left to wonder.

Keeping the idea that people bring the theme alive in the music video for “Bailando (Español),” the spectators are the life of each dance. In this music video, the dancers completely deliver with moves and emotions, but without anyone watching them, this video would have appeared strange. The spectators brought each scene to life, from the sitting room fun and street dancing to a random party in a tunnel. For a song about woman who entices a man through the art of dance, each scene was different, vibrant and not something you would usually see.

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