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Ensure Your Children’s Safety Via Cell Phone Tracking

Caring for their children is the first and most important job of any parent. The world can be a very dangerous place for children and ensuring their safety is not always easy. Cell phone tracking can aid such efforts through a variety of ways including through GPS tracking apps, location sharing, and more advanced services.

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Location tracking and sharing

As you might already be aware of, the crushing majority of phones these days are equipped with GPS sensors. These allow the phones to work with a number of location-based services. These can be very diverse, from Google Maps to Uber and more.

The same GPS sensors can also be used by apps that focus on GPS tracking and location sharing. And thus, in an instant, a cell phone can be turned into a tracking device which can make sure that your children are in a safe area according to the rules that you have set.

Now, even Google has joined in such efforts with its Maps app. A recent update to the app introduced a feature that allows users to share their location with select members. This feature is very powerful because Google Maps is extremely accurate and you can share it with several people at once and for as long as you want, including an always-on setting that might be very useful for parents.

If you would prefer to use more dedicated services, then you need to choose a cell phone tracker with a lot of advanced features. A simple search in both app stores will show you a number of apps that use GPS to track phones though they vary widely in their features.

For example, some apps will allow you to track a phone’s GPS location in real time through the app, others will let you do the same via a dedicated website. Some will even have additional capabilities such as setting up geofences which will allow you to be notified whenever your child enters or leaves a specific zone, such as their school or your home.

Advanced tracking and monitoring apps

While location-tracking apps are fantastic for parents who simply want to see where their children are located, there are other apps which extend that purpose and add more functionality to an otherwise basic service.

For example, TrackView is a very rounded service which allows you to track a phone’s GPS location in real time while also affording access to additional features such as video and audio monitoring and recording.

TrackView allows users to set up multiple devices under the same account so that they can all be tracked at once. This allows parents to set up the app in their children’s devices and then ensure that they are safe at all times, even when their children cannot pick up their phones for one reason or the other.

Other apps focus on both tracking a child’s location and setting up parental controls on a phone. For example, the Norton Family Premier service includes a host of features which are aimed to make a parent’s life easier.

More specifically, you can always track your child’s location as it is transmitted on a map only you will have access to. But in addition to that, you will also be able to supervise other activities such as their web surfing, app use, and even the text messages.

This combination of features can be particularly helpful for some parents. Phone tracking for families is a very advanced industry and parents who are technologically inclined can finally take advantage of the many features offered by such apps.

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