Enter Metropolis - Bright Lights (Official Music Video)

Enter Metropolis – Bright Lights

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The video for “Bright Lights” by Enter Metropolis begins with a flash of clips that is either scary or sexy. In the bright flickers, we see a hand hanging limp, someone gasping under fabric, fingers curling, a girl in a sweater, and a flash of skin. Any nervous energy is put to ease when we see a man, calm and smiling. He stands in front of a darkened city skyline, and we soon see him enter a taxicab with a plaid shirt and some other clothing. By the time he gets out, he has changed into the new outfit. He goes for a bike ride. Each time he passes by a window or mirror, his face morphs into a strange, blank white mask. The image seems to follow him everywhere. He tries to break away and run from it, but the whole city is suddenly filled with them. One of the masked strangers hands him his own mask, and when he puts it on, he immediately collapses.

Directed by Alexander Falk, Michael Koch and Enter Metropolis
Produced by Segundo Visions and Musikbetrieb
Camera – Alexander Falk and Igor Malinowski
Edited by Alexander Falk
Make Up by Jasmine Sharifa
Performed by Enter Metropolis
Label – Musikbetrieb

Website: enter-metropolis.com
Facebook: facebook.com/entermetropolis.official
Twitter: twitter.com/eMetropolisBand
Buy the album: itunes.apple.com/us/album/bright-lights

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