Equateur - Aquila (Official Music Video)

Equateur – Aquila

Equateur takes you to a fascinating, ethereal and futuristic world in their catchy electro pop music video for “Aquila.” We are introduced to the power duo, Romain Nouhi and Charles Rocher, in an unknown spacecraft destined to reach a familiar planet. There are several space elements involved such as fallen rocks, space technology and orbs. Scenes are cut and put together like a collage. For instance, the scene cuts to a father giving his child a pilot helmet and reverts back to the spacecraft, where we witness technology that is beyond our knowledge. Equateur sing simultaneously as their epic track sends chills down our spine. During the making of the video, Kadavre Exquis, a French graphic designer and animator, created the concept art of the video using 3D software for the first time. Powered by BLENDER, the overall product is both evocative and abstract. It is truly a piece of work that is promising and bewitching. The vocals are magically tied together alongside the music, which can be reminiscent of 80s pop.

Directed by Luca Stefanini & Kadavre Exquis | kadavrexquis.com | facebook.com/Kadavrexquis
Produced by La Falcone / Raphaël Gribinski
Cinematography by Hugo Cohen assisted by Rafael Ichou
Edited by Théo Stefanini
Thanks to Franck Caron, Caroline Tillette, Tom-David, Odile Lavie, Sylvain & Sandrine W. ,Home Studio – KOKON TOZAI

iTunes: bit.ly/XQlYC4
Facebook: facebook.com/EquateurOfficial
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/Equateur
Twitter: twitter.com/Equateur0

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