ERAS - ABEO (Official Music Video)


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The artist known as ERAS’ music video for the ambient track “ABEO” is mystical, to say the least. At the heart of the video is a bedazzled woman, decked out in a simple bikini and bejeweled with a thick, rope like necklace. Covering her entire body are tiny little gems that reflect the light as if they were actually the drops of water they are shaped like. Even her eyelashes are laden with three rows of tiny sparkling diamonds and heavy, thick mascara and eyeliner. Her Middle Eastern mystique is enhanced when she ties a lace and ornamented mouth and nose covering around her head, so that only her loaded eyes are visible. She plays with the little water beads around her – they clink audibly as she drops them. In addition to the lower face mask, she drapes a fur cloak over her head. The camera shots stay very close, never viewing her entirety in one single frame. The images blur deliberately as mist wafts around her. The sheen of glitter on her body appears to change from silver to gray to blue to purple and back to bright white silver throughout the video.  Mystery and intrigue hangs in the air as the video fades out.

Directed by Felix Herrera
Label Track Number Records


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