Eric Prydz VS CHVRCHES: 'Tether' Music Video Review

Eric Prydz VS CHVRCHES: ‘Tether’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Eric Prydz via Vevo

Courtesy of Eric Prydz via Vevo

DJ Eric Prydz and electro-pop trio Chvrches have released the Julien Vanhoenacker-directed music video for their Eric Prydz VS CHVRCHES “Tether” remix. The song was originally included on Chvrches’ 2013 debut album, The Bones of What You Believe; however, the trio teamed up with Prydz to release a remix of the track this year. The song’s original moody synth beat and dramatic production has been transformed into a frenzied dance song.  Lyrically, the song has been reduced from its original structure, and all that remains are the lyrics from the song’s bridge, “I’m feeling capable / of seeing the end / feeling capable / of saying it’s over.” Mayberry’s feather-light vocals glide over the shimmering electronic production, providing the perfect dichotomy between the upbeat music and the apocalyptic lyrics.

None of the musicians appear in the music video for “Tether;” instead, the video focuses on a reflective, metallic cube traveling the globe and experiencing both natural and urban environments. The video begins with the cube floating in a desolate landscape, reflecting the beauty of sky and ground. As the song progresses, the globe changes properties, transforming into flowing water and moving into a lush forest. There the cube reforms and reflects the dark skies and rigid grid of an urban city in its facets. Now, the purity of nature is contrasted with the force of human development, and these environments are placed in contrast; showcasing the destructive and restorative elements of both nature and mankind.

The cube witnesses beauty and destruction in equal parts, and at one point, the cube is broken down into atoms, and a human is reflected in its depths. In order to take in everything, the cube doubles itself, creating truly infinite reflections of the world and both good and bad endings, including melting on the surface of the sun, journeying through the ruins of a city, reflecting the colorful lights of a dance floor, and generating rainbows as light glances off its surfaces in the desert. The video comes to a close as the cubes return to the desert, where they meld together and turn into dust, blowing away as the music fades out.

The video is effectively open-ended, leaving viewers unsure of exactly what they have witnessed. It is unclear if the cubes are simply watching life unfold around them, or if they are involved in its creation and subsequent destruction. The omnipotent cube witnesses the good and bad of the world and finds beauty in both creation and destruction as it reflects pastoral landscapes and technological advances in the same light as pestilence and addiction.

Vanhoenacker’s work on the “Tether” music video is to be commended for his exceptional editing and innovative story-telling. He is responsible for having created gorgeous imagery, and the video perfectly reflects the dichotomy expressed in the Eric Prydz VS CHVRCHES “Tether” remix. One thing that is clear is that Eric Prydz VS CHVRCHES “Tether” is electronic dance music that makes listeners think. Similarly, the video can be interpreted in a variety of ways, which is what makes it both stunningly beautiful and powerfully evocative.

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