eRRdeKa - Atme Ein Atme Aus (Official Music Video)

eRRdeKa – Atme Ein Atme Aus

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eRRdeKa’s music video for “Atme Ein Atme Aus” opens with a smooth, singles shot sweep into a room occupied by a handful of people, surrounded by empty beer and champagne bottles, and all of them smoking cigarettes. Directly in front of the camera, a young man dressed plainly in all black starts to rap in German. The shots then begin to interchange, switching between him rapping in the living room, and him staring at his reflection in a bathroom mirror. His image twists and distorts into a completely new and different face. The new person reflected back is taller, more built, handsomer, even. The young man’s girlfriend comes in and pulls him out of the bathroom into a much nicer living room, where much better looking, healthy friends sit smiling. The lead singer continues to rap about living in a dream while both the “picture perfect” guy and the original normal guy make their way confusedly through life.

Artist – Raphael Endraß/eRRdeKa
Director – David Helmut
Co-Director – Patrick Nagl
1.AD – Malte Wilhelm
Set-AL – Andre Diwisch
DP – BIlly Gropper
Camera Assistant – Axel Frey
Camera Operator – Ute Bolmer
Gimbal Operator – Felix Baermann
Creative Producer – David Helmut
Executive Producer – Sebastian von Gumpert
Production Assistant – Jaro Pfeiffer
Motion Graphics – Marian Tasler
Hair and Makeup – Franziska Engelhardt
Editor – David Helmut
Colorist – Friedrich Kautz
a geekpictures production


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